Internship Program

This application is for an internship program through Double S Farm Fresh Photography.

Are you interested in Photography?

I’m looking for someone who would like to learn the ins and outs of running a photography business.

Internship would include:
Assisting in the setup photography sessions
Assisting during group Sessions
Assisting with lighting

Advantages of internship:
Learning about the behind the scenes work that goes into photography
Learning the legal aspect of photography
Learning the business side of photography
Part time
Hands on learning as second shooter

Please note this a NON-Paid internship. This is an opportunity for someone to learn what it really means to run a photography business. It will help give you some of the hands on real-wrold experience you will need once you launch or continue to grow your own photography style and business.

Jennifer Sieperda


Michael Sieperda


Want to work with us?

Apply to the internship by completing the form below and submitting an application.

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